As some of you may know, I started a paleo diet with a weight goal in mind. Fifteen pounds later, I was elated to have released that much weight. This had been an ongoing struggle for the past couple of years. I’d been on and off the paleo diet two or three times. The biggest challenge I had was that I hated to cook and cooking every day, especially paleo, consumed more time than I wanted to spend. Also, coming up with recipes and a meal plan stumped me, not to mention lunch. I’ve always had sandwiches for lunch. What would I do now? All of my cooking skills come from following recipes and trial and error, which means they were pretty limited. They are improving.

The Turning Point and the Paleo Diet

Then, in March, I paid for a 30-day paleo meal plan. This helped me tremendously. I didn’t follow it exactly because I’m not a fish person. However, it helped me discover the magic of leftovers for lunch. (Sometimes, we even have leftovers for dinner.)

I haven’t posted a photo of me recently. I’m nearly 5 pounds past my goal weight now. I’m not trying to lose weight anymore. Instead, I’ve been true to my dietary regimen most of the time. (About 80-90% of the time.) When I’m not, I don’t beat myself up. Instead, I’m back to it the very next meal. That is liberating.

To date, I’ve released over 30 lbs, gone from a 36″ waist to a 28″, my face is no longer puffy, and my thighs no longer rub together. It’s been a journey, both physical and emotional. I’ve cut out processed sugar, grain, and other foods that were causing inflammation. I’m also on supplements I buy at Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy. It has made a huge difference.

I’m not saying this will work for everyone. It has worked for me. If you want more information about the paleo diet, you can find it here:

Paleo 101

I now eat a modified paleo diet as I include grains and some foods they wouldn’t have eaten in caveman times. It works for me. Ultimately, you have to find what works for you.


Honestly, I had nearly given up on releasing that weight. I gave away all of my “skinny” clothes because I really didn’t think I would make it there again. Even swimming 3-4 days a week wasn’t doing it, but this has.

I’m here to show you that whatever you’re looking to do, you can do it. The road will be bumpy, there will be detours and probably breakdowns, but keep your eye on the prize and your chin up. There’ll be moments you want to tell the world to screw it and flip it the bird. (Perhaps multiple times. Perhaps even daily. Even multiple times a day. (grin)) Allow yourself those moments (not too long) and then continue on. Be patient and gentle with yourself. You. Can. Do. It.

By the way, I’m not selling anything. I’m in my late 40s now. Releasing this weight hasn’t been easy. (Matter of fact, it has taken 8 months to drop a little over 30 pounds.) I’ve cussed and screamed and cried at varying times. This journey has showed me things about myself that I didn’t want to know, showed me aspects of myself that I didn’t like and decided to change. I’m still changing, learning, and growing. Hopefully, all for the better. 🙂

The Results

It’s been worth it, though. These are the results.

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