Sometimes an end can signal a beginning. This month, or maybe it was the end of August when it happened, Yahoo switched the groups I own to their Neo version. Quite frankly, it sucks. Not only is it hard to navigate, but it ate all of our databases and files in our editors only group.

Yeah, not good. Not good at all.

I fumed for a few days. You know, I have better things to do with my time than to rebuild databases and queues. That made me so excited that I wanted to… strangle someone, preferably the person who came up with this numbskull idea. Fortunately, for them (and me, as I don’t really want to end up in jail–grin), that was physically impossible. Instead, I had to come up with another way to manage this part of my publishing houses.

Looking around for options of what I could do, I realized there weren’t really that many that would function as well or as easily. However, I did come up with something that will work. It also gave me a chance to go over our editors’ queue again and see what we have pending. Not that I don’t pay attention to this, but now I know exactly what’s in there. This is a good thing.

I also decided to look at this as a new beginning. And it is. Yahoo is still around, but there’s no guarantee it will be here forever, or that the groups will continue the way they are. I want something that I have more control over. Moving our queue and database to a different venue gives me that.

Would I have preferred to do this on my own time? Oh, sure, but, honestly, when would I have made the time? (cough, cough) Free time being such a commodity around my house. (HAHAHA) It will work. It will be good. I will be happy. Yes, I will. I’m still not sure how it will turn out. Only time will tell.

Do I still have the urge to strangle someone? Hm… Yeah, but it’s dissipating. I am sure once I have all the kinks worked out of the new system, the urge will all but disappear. (grin)

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