Some Place to Belong, science fiction, shifter, erotica, Marci Baun, short story

Some Place to Belong Cover Reveal

It has been over a year since I’ve released a new story. This one is a release from many years ago. Originally part of the Dreams & Desires Anthology, vol. 3, it is now a standalone story. The first of the series Children of the Wild. If all goes as planned, the next story in this series will releases some time around April 2018.

Blurb:Some Place to Belong cover reveal, science fiction, shifter, erotica, Marci Baun, short story , cover reveal

Created by Nazi experimentation, Adelheid grew up in a remote village in the jungles of Argentina ignorant of her origins. Blonde, blue-eyed, faster and stronger than all of the children in the village set her apart from the natives.

When frightening changes take over her body and she shifts into a wolf, she and her parents must leave the village.

She fears that she will be an outcast, until she meets Friedrich. Everything in her craves him. He is her mate, but she must overcome her fear and choose him…or face a life of solitude.



Auschwitz, December 25, 1942

The cool air assaulted her fevered skin. Exhausted, Svetlana turned her head to gaze upon her newborn daughter. Such a beautiful child. The pale blond hair and fair skin an homage to her grandmother’s Slavic heritage, the baby resembled a perfect china doll. Such a beautiful child for such a cruel world.

Silent tears trickled down Svetlana’s cheeks. Her daughter’s perfection hurt her eyes, her heart, and her soul. Knowing she could not protect her even if she lived. But she wouldn’t live. Pain wracked her body as cramps squeezed her womb. Blood gushed again, soaking the sheet beneath her.

The sound of dripping filled the room. The smell of death edged closer.

Please, Boże, protect my innocent child.

Darkness hovered in her peripheral vision, slowly expanding until her world went black.

* * * *

Hitler’s Berghof, Obersalzberg, Germany, late March 1943

“Heil, Hitler!” Josef Mengele saluted Hitler.

“Heil!” Hitler returned the salute and sat behind his desk. “So, what is the news?”

Mengele stood rigid before his commander, his excitement barely contained. “Wunderbar, Mein Herr. We have had our first successful birth. A beautiful girl child. Blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin. Perfect.”

“And the mother?”

“Dead. She bled out.”

Zer gut. It is better that way. Her father?” Hitler asked.

Mengele smiled. “A wolf. We inseminated the mother’s egg with that of an alpha wolf’s semen. We tried a new procedure with this one and have found a way to force these pregnancies. This is the first child to survive.”

“How old?”

“She is just three months now, but very strong. Already she rolls over and crawls. She tries to pull herself up. I think you will be pleased. We have several other subjects about to give birth. If any of the mothers survive the birth, we will try to impregnate them again. Good wombs are hard to find.”

Hitler leaned forward. “Does she show any signs of her animal parentage?”

“Her eyes glow in the dark when light hits them, occasionally she’ll growl, and her strength certainly surpasses that of a normal baby her age. There is no way to know exactly how this will affect her as she grows, but we are hopeful.”

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