My child is a packrat. I think most children are, but how do you get them to let go of stuff they no longer use. Lily doesn’t mind getting rid of clothes that don’t fit her, but toys? Oh, my God! You would think that I’d asked her to cut off her arm. That stupid toy from McDonald’s? The one she doesn’t play with unless I pull it out to toss? It’s her absolute favorite and, suddenly, she has to play with it now. She’ll die if we put it in the recycle where it belongs. That made in China toy she got as a favor at that birthday party? You know the ones that everyone buys for less than a dollar to give out at their kid’s birthday party, but shudders at the thought of coming home with from someone else’s? Yeah, that’s her favorite, too. She’ll die without that piece of junk, too. That drawing she made… It’s a piece of art that we can never recycle. Which is fine… if she didn’t draw 20 of these a day. Those snakes you make from straw covers–they’re toys we have to keep. Have to keep them. She will die if we don’t.

And picking up at home? Oh, God, no. She will clean her friends’ rooms, down to organizing by color. When she leaves her friends’ house, their room looks like a professional organizer was hired. Her room? A hurricane hit it. If I talk to her about cleaning it, it’s a melt down.

ARGH! Mom is having a melt down.

I remember thinking that when my sister-in-law got rid of my nephews’ stuff when they weren’t around, that it wasn’t cool, but, now? Now, I get it. I so get it.

Is this evil? Should I do it? Hm…

Do you?