Covid and Contemporary Stories

How are you dealing with the COVID pandemic in your contemporary novels/short stories? Not as a political statement or polarizing pro/con mask stance, but the way the COVD virus effects the day-to-day lives of your characters and appears within the story’s plot line?

Honestly, I’m not. For me, reading and writing is an escape. As I am surrounded by COVID and the pandemic every day, I don’t need to read or write about it. I realize, for some, this would be therapeutic, and there are people who want to read about it, but, for me, not so much. Instead, I keep my sanity by swimming, reading, writing, my family, and . . . chocolate.

So, I write escapist fiction. There is some reality within my stories. If it’s set in a historical time, I do my best to be accurate with the history. If it’s set in a specific city, I’ll be sure to describe it and set the stage. The people will be three dimensional, as real as possible, and will evolve, but my books are fiction. They are meant to entertain.

If you are like me and want to read books with happy endings and realistic characters, that provide a few hours of escape from the crazy world we live in, you can check out my books.

Of course, there are a few of us discussing this topic. I’m sure that some of the other authors will definitely include this in their plot lines. 🙂

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