I was a little late getting in today as I was on the phone, but I still managed a decent workout. Because of the 100 IMs, my watch seems to think I swam a lot farther than I did. (shrug) My brain seems to think I swam more than I did, but, in truth, I do believe this was the workout. The perky, young woman leading our lane wore fins, which she relied upon heavily. She was a bit overzealous, but I was okay with her leading, followed by another fast guy, both of which I could draft off of for at least the first 50. (grin) Then there’s my buddy Ricardo. He went ahead of me for the 150s as my top came undone. He gives really good draft. LOL I jumped ahead of him because I like to work a bit harder than drafting. (Yeah, I’m weird. LOL)

I actually started out in a slower lane because I thought Clay had said the lane I was getting in was going to be a 1:40/1:45 pace. Which is was, if it was for yards. When the main set was a 1:50 100m pace, That’s too slow for me, even on a day when I just wanted to cruise.

The pool temp was rather cold, and, by the end of the workout, my knee was threatening to seize, but I managed to work it out.

Oh, and Happy Halloween, everyone!

Hour swim workout, SCAQ Sunday, 10-31-21

Coach Clay Evans

350 warmup (? min)

Warmup set 3x (900 m, 18 min)
150 on 2:45
100 IM on 2:00
50 kick on 1:15

100 sprint kick–>I swam as I had people with fins behind me and, honestly, I don’t really kick.

Main set (1150 m, 21:20 min)
2 x 200 on 3:20
50 easy on 1:00
2 x 150 on 2:30
50 easy on 1:00
2 x 100 on 1:40
50 easy on 1:00
2 x 50 sprint on :50

150 warm down

Total meters: 2500