This was supposed to be up at the crack of dawn, but I am, alas, late. Matter of fact, I would’ve forgotten entirely had not a conversation with the neighbors reminded of the post. You see, I was busy outside this morning digging out the dirt from the side garden box. This is a slow project. To prevent burnout, I dig out two—this morning six—5-gallon pots of dirt each day. I’m hoping I’ll be done in a few more weeks and be able to plant veggies in there. I was emptying one of the pots when I saw a neighbor down the street. We started talking. Another neighbor joined us. Our conversation covered a range of topics and somehow landed on bacon.

Now, how did bacon remind me of this post? Well, Johnny, the neighbor’s son, said that his dad had thrown out all of the bacon because it was crispy. Sarah love’s crispy bacon, so do I. She said, “I hate soggy bacon. It’s all floppy and flaccid.”

That last sentence reminded me of heroes. HAHAHA

What can I say? I’m twisted.

So, back to heroes. I’ve been thinking about what my favorite type of hero is. Is he like my heroines? Real, flawed, human? Would my hero be capable of living in real life? You know, I don’t know. There’s no question I’m not into perfect. Perfect is boring. Perfect is one-dimensional. Perfect… would make my heroine look really, really bad. (grin) But is it possible for a man to have all of the qualities my hero has and still be attractive? (And not just physically.) I don’t know.

Of course, heroes are just fantasy after all.

What type of heroes do I like (and write about)?

  1. Opinionated, but able to admit they are wrong.
  2. Intelligent.
  3. Confident, perhaps with a bit of arrogance, but not like the idiot Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey.
  4. Physically attractive, but not necessarily Adonis, although I have written about Adonis-esque heroes. It all depends on the story line.
  5. A man who likes cuddling and sex. Yes, yes, I know that’s nearly an oxymoron. LOL
  6. Humor and compassion as well make up my heroes.
  7. Flawed, but not so flawed that he’s impossibly broken and the heroine must “fix” him. (rolling eyes)
  8. Respectful. (Fiona reminded me of this. I didn’t think about it because I automatically write my heroes this way. LOL)
  9. Beautiful eyes. Now, beautiful eyes come in many colors. So, as long as the author describes them as beautiful, the heroine thinks they are beautiful, I’m good.
  10. Sexy. Of course, all of the above make the man sexy. 😀

One thing I’m tired of reading about are heroes with penises that extend all the way up to their nipples with a girth of a man’s wrist when they are hard. (Ack! That’s not a love tool; that’s a deadly weapon. I run and lock the door to my room, listen to him pound on the door, and wonder if he’s using his fist or his dick. I’m looking for a weapon of my own if it’s his dick.) Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m seriously tired of humongous penises. Let’s get realistic. Not every man has a huge dick. Does it really need to be large enough to kill someone? Or the biggest one the heroine’s ever seen? Please!

So, a few good looking men because, well, we are talking about heroes.

Jason Momoa hero

young Robert Redford


hero Tom Selleck

That’s my take on heroes. What’s yours?

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