I am spoiled. I live in California. There are smokers, but we are such anti-smoking there that I am sure most smokers feel uncomfortable or defensive when they light up a cigarette. They are chased outside and relegated to small corners far away from the rest of the population. Heck! A few years ago in Santa Monica, they have even passed an ordinance that says someone cannot smoke within 25 feet of other people on a public sidewalk.

So, imagine the shock I experienced coming to Vegas. There is smoke everywhere. I mean, everywhere. People even smoke in the bathrooms… Openly.

My eyes burned, and I wanted to gag, but it wasn’t going to do any good. That next breath I was gasping for would be smoke-filled, too. You step outside to get away from the smoky interior only to be bombarded by it outside, too.


My clothes, my hair, my skin smelled worse than an ashtray. Honestly, how people tolerate it is a mystery to me. It’s nasty. Getting home into highly regulated California was nice. I do have issues with how regulated California is, but I have to say, I do like not having to inhale someone else’s bad habit.

For those of you who do smoke and enjoy my blog, I have nothing against you. I just can’t abide cigarette smoke.

I felt so fumigated I thought I’d never breath clean air (or relatively clean air) again. Thankfully, I was wrong. 😀