In recent weeks, I’ve had this overwhelming urge to clean. It’s very rare for me to have such a strong urge that I actually move on it. Usually, there is so much to do that I have higher priorities, but I just couldn’t stop myself anymore. So, I moved some cancelled contracts into a plastic bin and into storage and found room in a closet for stuff I don’t use that often.

A few weeks ago, I went through my old suits. These suits will not fit me unless I lose 20 or more pounds. The largest one I couldn’t even close the waist and barely made it around my waist. The suits were size fours and sixes, but from the 90s. That’s closer to twos and fours now. I finally admitted there was no point in keeping them. Twenty-year-old suits in beautiful condition but for someone tiny. I am no longer tiny. I took them out and donated them to some place that will give them to women in need. If I ever wear suits again, I will have to buy a new one. Besides, those 80s-90s shoulder pads are just a little much. LOL

80s business suit

Go ahead. Make my day.

Today, Charlie and I started going through our garage. Really, all I wanted was to clean it out enough. That’s what I told myself, but as I got to cleaning, I realized enough wasn’t really enough. Just cleaning it out as much as possible wouldn’t do. It’s been a mess for too long. Stuff we don’t know what to do with has accumulated into piles and piles of crap. Old bathroom rugs that are disintegrating can be thrown a way. Empty boxes, broken heaters, extra cat sand boxes, carpet remnants, old, expired carseats, and so on. It’s just time for that to go. If we aren’t using it, and it’s not a seasonal decoration or a family heirloom, there’s no point in keeping it. If it’s something we can use, then we need to figure out how to use it. I want to make room for a large freezer, but more than that I just want stuff out. Out of my house. Out of my garage. Out of everything. If I could, I put it all in a pile and just throw it away, but that’s not very responsible because some of these things aren’t as easy to get rid of. Empty boxes can be thrown in the recycle bin, but to get rid of old carseats, it’s a bit harder. They can be recycled, and I have held off on recycling them because the only other option is to throw them away. When I can recycle them, my conscience won’t let me throw them away. Again, it’s not the responsible thing to do. However, I will have to schedule an appointment and take them to Downtown LA or some place like that. I hope to have them out of my house and recycled by Tuesday. (See, I’m motivated. Maru would tell me it’s the new moon lighting a fire under my butt. LOL Could be. LOL)

It seems, though, that as soon as I clean something off, someone in the house sees free space and immediately covers it with their… stuff. Could it be Lily? Hm… yes, it’s definitely the child. Not all messes can be blamed on her. Only what was once a mostly pristine coffee table and dining room table that is now full of pens, toys, and… stuff. Mom will be cracking the whip tonight. LOL Mom’s done with stuff all over the place.

Yup, I’m in cleaning mode, and it feels oddly good.

Anyone else have the urge to purge?