Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

While I didn’t watch the Oscars, I have heard all about it. Primarily about Seth MacFarlane’s song “We Saw Your Boobs.” I’m not a Seth MacFarlane fan. Not because I don’t like him, but because I just don’t watch his shows. So, I’m not a fan as I’m not familiar with his humor. However, this whole hullabaloo over his song seems like a perfect opportunity to change things.

Women are sexualized by Hollywood. They always have been. Women are beautiful. We are, ladies, so let’s admit it. It’s just the way Hollywood uses women that is not okay. Personally, I’d rather see less emphasis on violence and a more wholesome approach to our bodies. How can boobs, asses, penises, and vaginas be wholesome? It all depends on the point of view. And it’s important for us to do that. Not exploit them at all. Respect them and make them less of a mystery and taboo than what we’ve got going on now. It’s all illusion.

But, then, Hollywood is all about illusion. It’s best to remember that. For instance, I had dropped Lily off somewhere the other day and the crew was out prepping for an NCIS shoot. Um, that’s supposedly in Washington, D.C. So, yeah, Hollywood’s all about illusion. Photos are touched up to hide wrinkles, cellulite, blemishes, etc.

So, it’s time, ladies, to take our rightful place in Hollywood. To be the directors, screenwriters, actresses, agents, managers, grips, producers, etc. that we already are and let our voices be heard. Let’s use this as an opportunity to change that which we find offensive, to bring more women up the ranks, to celebrate us for the beautiful creatures that we are.

Hollywood has shaken the tail of a sleeping tiger one too many times. Hopefully, this one will see the needed change in equity and let’s thank Seth MacFarlane for being the catalyst for change.