My first long course since the lockdowns began. It was 10% longer with 66% fewer flip turns, 30% slower, and 50% more mental anguish. LOL Actually, I swam pretty fast. I wasn’t 30% slower; it just felt like it. Seriously, where was the wall when I wanted it? Oh, yeah, another 25 meters away. LOL It didn’t help that we only had 5 lanes and my swim interval pod were moved up with a faster swim interval pod. I mean, I managed the main set interval, but only because we had that easy 50 in between.

Coach Bill opened the workout with stating that he usually likes to pair long course with a distance set. That was met with a horrified silence. (Hahaha!) I mean, none of us have been able to train long course. He took pity on us, thank goodness.

Anyway, I haven’t swam with my masters pod for a good three weeks. It was lovely to see everyone. 🙂

60-minute long course swim workout, SCAQ

Coach Bill Bean

500 warmup (~8:30 min)

Warmup set (300m, ? min)
:10 rest between each 50m
50 swim
50 kick
2 x 50 swim
2 x 50 kick
3 x 50 swim
3 x 50 kick

Main set 10x (1500m, 27:30 min)
100 on 1:35
50 on 1:10

100 easy

2 x 50 sprint on 1:10

50 warm down

Total meters: 2550