My friend and fellow backstroker Martin Vaccaro and I were supposed to do this workout together. Because he’s not a resident of Culver City, securing a spot ahead of time at the local pool is nearly impossible. Instead, you have to come, get in line for standby, and hope enough someones don’t show up. It sucks, but it’s how it is. Sadly, although he side up 50 minutes before the hour we were to swim together, there was one person in front of him in the standby line who showed up two minutes before they let standby in. Personally, I think that, for standby, if you’re not there at the top of the hour, you lose your spot. It’s unfair to those standing in line, thinking they’re going to get in only to have it removed at the last minute.

So, the dude ended up in the same lane as me. I swam an extra 100 so that Martin and I could start the warmup set together. Alas, I swam alone. His original set had the interval time set to 1:30 for the warmup set. As I was coming in sub 1:15, I decided I didn’t need that much rest. (Some days, I’m faster than others.) I also suggested adding 50 stroke in the 150. Martin would’ve done them all backstroke because he can. LOL I could have done them 100 backstroke and 50 free, but I didn’t so . . . LOL You can see his influence with the kicking and mine with the IM. Hopefully, next week, we’ll be able to get in together.

50-minute swim workout, mid-distance with IM

Workout by Martin Vaccaro

600 warmup (~10:00 min)

Warmup set 2x (500 yds, 9:30 min)
3 x 75
R1: drill/kick/drill on 1:25
R2: IM order (no free) on 1:25
25 swim on :30 after each round

Main set 3x (1800 yds, 28:30 min)
100 on 1:30
2 x 150 on 2:30–middle 50 any stroke but free
200 on 3:00

100 warm down

Total yards: 3000

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