When I need to just chill and swim, this main set is one of my favorites. It’s all about pacing and relaxing into the stroke and just swimming, which was exactly what I needed to do today. Other than making the intervals, there was no pressure to push hard or sprint. It felt really good. So, today, I breathed, stretched out my stroke, an enjoyed the feel of sliding through the water on a beautiful spring day.

50-minute swim workout, mid distance

500 warmup (~7:30 min)

Warmup set 2x (600 yds, 10 min)
150 on 2:30
100 on 1:40
50 on :50

Main set 3x (1800 yds, 27 min)
All on 1:30 100 base.

200 warm down

Total yards: 3100

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