Today was a bit of a lazy workout with slower intervals. I was tired. Not enough sleep, swimming 3000+ yards yesterday AND cycling 18 miles will do that, I suppose. Then, I went to bed late and was up early. A lot of excuses for why I was tired, but I swam fly anyway. The first few felt pretty good and some felt less good. LOL For once, I had my own lane, which was good as I was swimming a lot of fly and IM. Oh, and, despite the fact that there were only 6 people in the pool the hour before my swim time, we were let in 2 minutes late. On any other day, I’d say, “What I could’ve done in those extra two minutes.” Not today. I probably would’ve just squandered them hanging onto the side. (Shrug) I was in the pool and swimming. That’s what counts, right?

Even on your bad days, it’s a good day in the pool.

As ever, adjust the intervals and the sets to work for you and enjoy!

50-minute swim workout, fly day

500 warmup (~7:30 min)

Warmup set 2x (700 yds, 11 min)
5 x 50 on :55 25 fly/25 free
100 IM on 1:55

Main set 2x (1300 yds, 24 min)
4 x 150 on 2:30
Middle 50, the rest is free
1: fly/back
2: back/breast
3: breast/free
4: free/fly
50 easy on 1:00

100 whatever you have left<—1:19 for me. That tells you how tired I was.

100 warm down

Total yards: 2700

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