50-minute swim workouts, mixed distance

Today’s focus was on pacing for the main set. The intervals are meant to be 5 seconds rest for the hundred. So, if you change the interval, be sure to set it at something that you can make but will challenge you by the end of the set. I generally don’t take much time between sets because I’m limited to 50 minutes total. If I’d had an hour, I’d have swam the main set 4x with R4 focus on the 200. (As fast as I could go.) Today was a only 48:22 minute workout, but I’m happy with what I accomplished.

50-minute swim workout

500 warmup

Warmup set 2x (600, 9 min)
2×100 on 1:35
75 on 1:20 B/BK/BR
25 kick on :30

Main set 3x (1700, 25:45 min)
50 on :50
100 on 1:30
150 on 2:15
200 on 3:00

R1: work the 50
R2: work the 100
R3: work the 150

:30 rest

Last 200 of main set. Hard. 3:00

200 Warm down

Total yards: 3000

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