50-minute swim workout, 1-19-21

Some days, it’s a good swim. Some days, it’s “I got in.” Today was the latter, but any day in the water is better than not being in the water. As I am dependent upon when the lifeguards let us into the facility, it was only 49-minutes and change today. Still, I’m glad I swam, even if I felt slow. I hope you are finding your place to swim.

50-Minute Swim Workout

500 warmup

Warmup Set (600 yds)
8 x 75
Odds IM on 1:20
Evens free on 1:15

Main Set (1600 yds)
4 rounds of 4×100
1st: 4 on 1:35
2nd: 3 on 1:35/1 on 1:30
3rd: 2 on 1:35/1 on 1:30/1 on 1:25
4th: 1 on 1:35 /1 on 1:30/1 on 1:25/1 on 1:20

150 warm down

Total Yards: 2850

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