Today was a short workout because, with the beginning of summer and kids swim lessons, the pool staff are even less efficient than before. Okay, that’s not really fair. They were inundated with parents and kids, but they could have let the lap swimmers in. All of us are veterans, know the drill, and should be able to just go to our lanes and swim. Instead, they made us wait, didn’t let us in until the clock tower rang out the hour, and we were late getting in the pool. I know it sounds petty, but when you’re only allowed 50 minutes to swim, you pay for that 50 minutes, and are frequently shorted that 50 minutes, it gets old. I don’t know how many dolphin dives I’ll get to do as we are relegated to the deep water. It’s okay. I don’t mind deep water, but I like having the option of dolphin dives because they’re fun. 😊

Despite that, I still kept to the scheduled “fun” swim workout, which means it was a different workout because I like to switch it up on these “fun” days. It still challenges me while making me think, especially when you take a stroke out of IM.

47-minute swim workout, fun in the sun

500 warmup (~7:15 min)

Warmup set (750 yds, 14:15 min)
6 x 50 alt. :55/1:20
Odds corkscrew
Evens—head up halfway—20 vertical scissor kicks—head up to wall/head up halfway—10 vertical breaststroke kick with straight legs—head up to wall
100 on 1:40

5 x 50 breath control on :50
Start breathing every 2 and each 25 add another stroke
100 on 1:40

Main set 2x (1000 yds, 18 min)
6 x 75
Odds on 1:15–5 dolphin kicks out of the wall
Evens IM on 1:25
Easy 50 on 1:00
odds free
evens—no free—start with back and rotate through IM (e.g., 25 back/25 breast/25 fly, 25 breast/25 fly/25 back, etc.)
odds back
Evens—no back—start with breast and rotate through IM

4 x 50 on :45

:45 break

4 x 25 sprint on :30

200 warm down

Total yards: 2650

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