Best-Seller Author Package

What you get when you buy the Best-Seller Author Package:

Your book from idea to best seller.

  1. 6 months of weekly, one-on-one book development coaching with me  ($8,000)
  2. Up to 6 full developmental edits of the manuscript by me to help you stay on track. ($10,000)
  3. Fully edited manuscript with professional editors ($3,500)
  4. Full professional proofreading of manuscript ($750)
  5. Professional cover art ($1,000)
  6. Accounts created for you, and files uploaded and distributed through Amazon, iTunes, Ingram Spark, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Create Space, Smashwords ($1,000)
  7. Completed files in all formats  ($750)
  8. ISBN ($125)
  9. 6-8 week marketing package designed specifically for your needs and your book ($20,000)
  10. Expert positioning, fully branded website ($9500)
  11. Lead generating landing page, email funnel, and social media strategy  ($5500)
  12. Amazon best seller campaign package ($4,500)
  13. Twenty-five copies of the print copy of your book ($345)
  14. Book published within 6-9 months, depending on author turnaround time  (Priceless)
  15. Represented by and published with my publishing house Top Level Publishing (Priceless)

Total value: $64970