Just now. I’m outside, and this student teacher is parked in front of our house. Not only is it street cleaning on our side of the street, but we have permitted parking after x number of hours. We’ve done this because we are close enough to the school that, without it, we’d never have anywhere to park. We are not the only street or neighborhood who has this problem and resorted to the same tactics.

Anyway, the kid comes out (it’s lunch) and spies the ticket on his car. I happen to be outside talking to someone.

Kid picks up the ticket and says: Shit!
Me: Yeah, well, it’s street cleaning today.
Kid: I thought it was on the other side of the street today.
Me: Nope, but you know we have permit parking here.
Kid: Yeah, but I haven’t been getting tickets.
Me: Well, you should be.
Kid: Well, that’s fucked up.

He jumped in his car, gunned his motor, and raced ahead about 25 yards to park in front of my neighbor’s house where there’s even less parking. (shrug) I wasn’t being mean. I have nothing against him. I get it. Really, I do. The school doesn’t have enough space nor provide enough parking for the students, the teachers, staff, administration, or visitors. Their only option is to look to the neighborhood, but the neighbors are a bit tired of parking being scarce. So, it’s kind of a Catch-22. And, maybe, I’d be more sympathetic if I didn’t come home with a full car of groceries and no place to park. But, honestly, what really irks me is that people park on our street for the entire day and the city doesn’t ticket them like they are supposed to be doing. Why? It’s simple.

1) Our street would be full of students’/teachers’/parents’ cars, and we’d have no where to park. (We are one of the few houses without a driveway.)
2) If we have guests, there’s no place for them to park.
3) Our block voted to have permit parking, and we pay for our permits, not a lot, but it’s the principle of it all. So, they are supposed to enforce it.
4) They only enforce it when the whim strikes, which is almost never, and if we call. Okay, not even when we call. I called 5 days in a row, and no one ever showed. Nice.
5) And the kicker: the city actually looks for opportunities to ticket the residents living on the street. For instance, in early February, they sent out a parking enforcement officer every day to check to see if the residents on the street had their temporary pass in their car windows under their old permits. How do I know? I spoke to one of the officers. He told me what they were doing. When I call them to come and ticket because there are some 10 cars parking on our street that aren’t residents and don’t have permits, it rarely happens. But, hey, any chance to give the actual people who live on the street a ticket, they come every single time. Nice of them, doncha think? o.O It makes it a bit hard to be sympathetic to the Joe Schmo parking here for free.

All this when the city is looking for ways to make more money. Hey, our street is a cash cow… if they’d just enforce it.

Sadly, this began as a humorous post and ended as a rant. That wasn’t my intention at all. Apparently, this irritates me… just a little. 😀