Proof and Prepare Package

What you get when you buy the Proof Package:

  1. 25 page edit—Editor will go through the first 25 pages of your book, tell you what to fix, and give examples of how to fix it. (Value: $600)
  2. Proofreading (Value: $750)
  3. Sample book cover. (Value: $500)
  4. Formatting (and copies provided) for PDF, Kindle, and iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo. (Value: $1500)

When you invest in the Proof Package today, I will also provide the following sign up bonuses:

  1. 3 month access to mastermind materials (Value: $1000)
  2. 2 15-minute emergency access calls (Value: $750)
  3. Promote to social media and database (Priceless)

Total value: $5100

Enrollment Fee Today: $2797

Proof and Prepare pkg. – deposit 1000.