Cover Reveal of Soul Seekers

Please help me welcome Jon Carlin Shea and the cover reveal of his newest book in the Chosen of the Light epic fantasy series Soul Seekers. ~ ~ ~ The Chosen of the Light Series continues with Soul Seekers, an epic fantasy novel COMING SOON from Wild Child Publishing and Matt Campbell, now writing under the name Jon Carlin Shea. Same stories. Different name. For a sneak peak, follow the link below:

The Power of Kindness–Round Robin

When Robin sent the topic through for this month’s Round Robin, I knew I wanted to participate. Random acts of kindness. What a perfect topic for this time of year. Sadly, I can’t say that I have done epic acts of kindness. I don’t even know what one would consider acts of kindness anymore. I do little things, many of them are just what I consider manners–holding the door open for others, letting people in on a busy street, giving a dollar to the local, street musician, etc. If we include animals in the mix, then I do perform random acts of kindness frequently. A few weeks ago, we discovered five anise swallowtail caterpillars on our fennel. Our once majestic fennel plant has been decimated by batch after batch of these voracious eating machines. Honestly, I don’t mind. I like that our garden is becoming a little ecosystem, that we support local “wildlife”, even if they are insects. (Except cockroaches. I’m not into cockroaches. LOL) With the size of our fennel plant, these babies had no chance. So, we brought them inside, and I ran out and got some organic fennel from the local farmer’s market. I’ve been feeding them ever since. One is now in the chrysalis stage. Two, sadly, didn’t make it. (We will be burying them as Lily wants to give them a funeral.) The other two? I’m not sure if they will live, but I hope so. I’ll save cellar spiders from showers (or my cats) as well as crickets and take them outside. These are things I do and don’t really think about it....